Monday, April 11, 2011

Volunteer Week

Volunteerism happens on every level: global, greater community and neighbourhood. Many people volunteer on the Global level - providing cataract surgery and initiating safe water for drinking projects like Helping Hands of Hope; or work with the Red Cross in offering rescue and hope to those in crisis situations. Others volunteer in the greater community - on boards and councils that advise and serve our municipality, region and province.

Others still serve in our neighbourhoods, on our streets and for our families. They operate community halls, work in sports and cultural associations, are on school boards, library boards, at the Food Bank, the list goes on and on.

Volunteers are care givers: taking care of elder parents, our children, even our neighbours children, and watching out for our neighbour’s house when they are away.

Some of us do these deeds as a member of an organization: Red Cross, Speed Watch, Block Parents, School Boards. Or we do it as individuals: neighbour to neighbour.

Age is no barrier to volunteering. About 65% of youth volunteer. Parents and their parents offer their time and energies to make the lives of others better. No matter how you volunteer, or on what level, you should know that the world is a better place for your efforts.
This poem was offered at the Silver Birch volunteer appreciation event I attended last Friday. I hope you enjoy it.

Volunteers Prayer:
I thank thee, Oh Lord as a volunteer:
For the chance to serve another year,
& to give of myself in some small way
To those not as lucky as I each day.
My thanks for health & mind & soul
To aid me ever toward my goal.
For eyes to see the good in all,
A hand to extend before the fall.
For legs to go where the need is great,
Learning to love – forgetting to hate.
For ears to hear & heart to care,
When someone's cross is hard to bear.
A smile to show my affection true,
With energy aplenty – the task to do.
& all I ask, dear Lord, if I may,
Is to serve my neighbour better day by day.

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